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Germany 2018

The Kilkennys Tour Germany 2018

Ireland’s favourite Irish Folk Band, The Kilkennys return to Germany this year with their new album. The Kilkennys are noted for their dynamic arrangements, energetic performances and charismatic rapport with audiences across the globe and won Irelands Best International Folk Band award in 2018.

A mainstay over the past 10 years, The Kilkennys picked up the mantle left by acts such as The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers, the 4 piece group continue to conquer tour circuits in Europe and the U.S. playing their renditions of ancientballads and sweet Irish melodies.

After seeing the band live many Fans from across the globe travel to see the band preform in their homeland.

See a list of Germany Tour Date October 2018 Here

The Kilkennys Germany 2018 - Irelands Best International Folk Group

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