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Fine Girl Ye Are – The Kilkennys take over Killarney

Some say they are the next best thing to the legendary Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, others say they have taken what The Clancy’s started to a new generation and many say that The Kilkennys are in a league of their own. Now what happens when you get a young energetic ballad group such as The Kilkennys and you give them the best of The Clancy’s back catalogue? A full summer of packed shows in one of Irelands best venues located in one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country – the INEC in Killarney, County Kerry! ‘A Fine Girl Ye Are’! is the complete story of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, narrated by music co-coordinator Cathal MacCabe and featuring The Kilkennys performing the best of The Clancy’s hits with a touch of their own youthful energy. The show includes the best of Irish dancing and fantastic story telling and of course great music. The show has been receiving rave reviews from locals and tourists from all over the world who are consistently posting positive remarks on The Kilkennys Facebook page and looking for the band to take their music to their countries. The Kilkennys don’t do things in halves. They are playing the INEC three nights per week for the month of August following a hugely successful stint of sold out shows during June and July. They have already wooed audiences with their promotion performances to hundreds of tourists at the Red Fox Inn on the ring of Kerry, a show at the recent Killarney Races and the band even take to the streets where they perform outside Laurels Bar to huge crowds in true U2 style! Speaking of the shows in Killarney, front man Davey Cashin said, “The gigs are going great and we are really enjoying Killarney. The INEC is a fantastic venue and the audience is always highly appreciative. It’s amazing how the music of the Clancy’s has reached and touched so many people all over the world. We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring that music to another generation of people and to help make it live on for many more generations.” Outside of the shows the band have reached over 160,000 hits on YouTube for a selection of videos for their performances of songs including their original track ‘Shine on Kilkenny.’ Consisting of brothers Davey and Adam Cashin, Tommy Mackey and Rob Campion, The Kilkennys are fast becoming a household name all over Ireland and beyond through their constant touring and powerful online presence. With the recent launch of their new website – – and their Facebook fan page with over 5,000 fans, The Kilkennys are certainly bringing the music of The Clancy’s and indeed their own music to eager fans all over the world. They will start doing this in August and September with shows in Germany and Holland. Later in the year they will be hitting America. If you are a fan of The Clancy Brothers or The Kilkennys or even a lover of Irish ballads and good music, then make your way to at least one of these fantastic shows in the INEC, Killarney – every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm during the month of August. A show not to be missed!

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